Initially the patient describes his symptoms thoroughly to the therapist, who will most likely have a few questions. Then the patient will undergo movement tests and a small physical exam of the entire cervical-spine and neck muscles.

In my experience, the exact location of the Atlas Vertebrae can be found easiest with a palpation exam when the patient is laying on their belly. The position of the vertebrae can be found on the „long lever” of the Atlas Vertebrae.

If you are concerned about how accurate the palpation exam is, then you should discuss this with your doctor and bring an MRI scan of the Atlas Vertebrae with you. If the vertebrae is straight, then through the process of elimination we can say that the symptoms are not coming from a misalignment. If however the vertebrae is misaligned, it is an indication that an Atlas Adjustment is necessary.

The pretreatment begins with the patient laying down and we loosen the muscles with two Themper Devices.
During the Vertebrae repositioning
the patient sits in an upright position, and the therapist implements hundreds of tiny impulses to slowly reposition the Atlas Vertebrae until its in its natural position. The Control appointment, is to ensure that the vertebrae is stable in its natural position, and reevaluate the symptoms of the patient.

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