Stefan Datt

portrait-stefanIn 1994 I finished studying Physical Therapy. Shortly after that I devoted myself to an Indian Ashram and studied the Art of Yoga and Meditation for six years. After this time in the “convent” I founded two wonderful Physical Therapy and Natural Healing Practices in Berlin. My partner Miriam and I have been organizing the Berliner Yoga-festival since 2003, the largest yoga event in Europe. Since the birth of our daughter Marie in September 2013 I moved my Physical Therapy Practice completely to Charlottenburg. As well as doing a variety of Manuel Therapy techniques, I’m also the first person in Berlin to use the Atlasreflex Technique for realigning the 1st Neck-Vertebrae with many patients reporting an easing of their Migraines and Dizziness. Massages are also a good choice for treating many conditions. Yoga and helping my patients are the biggest passions in my life, besides my family!

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