Information from A to Z

Our team is ready to answer any and all questions about the procedure, via telephone or email. Consultations about the procedure in person are also welcome. The following, is a compilation of the most frequently asked questions and important information to the procedure process.

First Appointment: What should you bring?

Idealy you should be wearing comfortable, loose fitting clothing. If at all possible, a diagnosis from your doctor, and any x-rays would help us with your treatment. As well as the Patient Health Form.

Patient Health Form [PDF, 166 KB]

Treatment Times: Are flexible based on your needs

Appointments can be arranged with your needs in mind, and can be discussed with the individual therapists. Please keep in mind that wait times may vary.


For a long time chiropractic and physical therapeutic procedures have been used as alternatives to treatments with medications to the aforementioned ailments. However due to the anatomical particularity of the neck-vertebrae the possible efficacy and high risk limited the amount of these treatments offered. An exception to this is the atlasreflex® technique.
This procedure is not like many chiropractic procedures, that use force or sudden movements to realign joints. The Procedure is also not meant to diagnose symptoms but is meant to reposition the atlas vertebrae.